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‘Creating hype about fairness no less than apartheid’

Bangalore: Beauty might lie in the eye of the beholder, but senior plastic surgeon and author Dr Jas Kohli says today the eyes that gauge beauty cannot look beyond the established standards of acceptable physical appearance.

Dr Jas Kohli
Dr Jas Kohli

“Fairness fixation is deeply rooted in the Indian psyche. There are limits to what can be or should be done in terms of aspirations of beauty and treatments provided in the market. Creating hype about fairness is no less than apartheid. The younger generation of men is also concerned about looks, which was previously considered unmanly. They go in for nose reshaping, hair transplant, beard reshaping and treatment of acne scars,” said Dr Kohli.

Dr Kohli further said that there is a rise in social eminence that has increased the expectation from an individual to adhere to the set standards of physical beauty, “This is certainly true about people who remain in the public eye, like actors, models and anchors. Human instinct is geared towards believing that a person with beauty has an advantage,” he added.

In his book ‘Anything to Look Hot — Candid Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon’, Dr Kohli highlights the changes that the sector of cosmetology has seen over time and how particularly Indians have responded to it.

Anything to Look Hot -- Candid Confessions of a Plastic SurgeonThe book, a medical fiction centered on the theme of plastic surgery, narrates the rollercoaster ride of the protagonist Dr Dhruv, who faces numerous challenges as he speeds his way to become the most sought doctor of B-town.

It gives interesting and first hand insights of what happens inside the doors of an operation theatre and also that of a plastic surgeon’s mind, according to a statement.

Dr Kohli terms his new book as an attempt to debunk many myths about cosmetic surgeries, the dangers of falling into the traps of glitzy ads without confirming the credentials.

He said, “It is true that one can undergo a plastic surgery in terms of enhancing their beauty or looks. But that does not mean that the entire shape and expression of the face will change. This is just a myth. Science never promises that somebody can be made a copy of another overnight.”

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