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Doctor resigns citing patient’s ‘uncaring relatives’

Mumbai: Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital and a member of the core team of doctors treating the “world’s heaviest woman” Eman Ahmed, has “resigned” citing “uncaring relatives” as the reason behind the move. Dr Bhasker was one of the doctors who travelled to Alexandria to bring Eman to Mumbai.

“Eman’s case is an example of the worst kind of assault that a patient’s family can do to a doctor. It will be an example for patients to learn how to use the hospital system to your advantage by hook or by crook. It will be an example to follow for uncaring relatives that one can just dump their sister in a hospital and have the best time of their life. It will be an example for young doctors that they must never ever go out of their way to help someone and save a life because it can backfire badly,” Dr Bhasker wrote in a Facebook post.

The announcement comes after Eman’s sister Shaimaa Selim accused Dr Mufazzal Lakdawala and his team of being “liars“. Shaimaa has claimed that Eman is very critical and that she hasn’t lost 250 kgs as the doctor claimed.

“What her sister has done is worse than physically assaulting a doctor. She has broken the bond of trust between doctors and patients. I am appalled at the irony that today when Eman’s health is the best that it has ever been in last 25 years, her sister chooses to go down this path,” Dr Bhasker added.

In the meanwhile, Saifee Hospital has decided to discharge the Egyptian national Eman Ahmed this coming fortnight. A CT scan on Tuesday showed that 40 per cent of Eman’s brain cells were dead due to a previous stroke. This has led to the 36-year-old patient suffering frequent seizures.

Eman weighed over 500 kg when she came to India on February 11. On Monday, doctors at the hospital weighed her at 171 kg. Eman’s sister Selim, however, alleged that Eman was still unable to speak or move, and had not lost as much weight as the hospital was claiming.

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