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Dr Aparna Bhasker’s ‘resignation’ was a ‘symbolic protest’: Dr Lakdawala

New Delhi: In spite of the “world’s heaviest woman” Eman Ahmed’s relatives badmouthing her treating doctors at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, the doctors have decided to continue providing all the necessary treatment to her.

“We don’t want to stoop to her (Eman Ahmed’s) sister’s level and will continue to treat her even though she has been badmouthing us,” said Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, chairman, Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Services and Research Centre, Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

Describing the widely reported “resignation” of Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, a member of the core team of doctors treating Eman Ahmed, as a “symbolic protest”, Dr Lakdawala said, “Dr Bhasker is very much with us and her so-called resignation is like a black-arm band.”

Dr Bhasker, one of the doctors who travelled to Alexandria to bring Eman Ahmed to Mumbai, had cited Eman’s “uncaring relatives” as the reason behind her “resignation” which she announced through a Facebook post.

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