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India Medical Times is India’s most credible platform for the medical professional community, engaging doctors from across specialities and regions in India. A majority of our audience includes decision makers and influencers such as Heads of Department, Hospitals’ Top Management, Policy Makers, Principals/Deans of premier Medical Colleges, Medical Superintendents, Heads of Regulatory Bodies and so on.

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Nick Colucci
Nick Colucci

“There is a huge amount of communication that happens to healthcare professionals. So far, medical representatives have had more impact on how information was exchanged. However, in the future there app to track phone without them knowing will be less sales representatives, and more other channels to get information. This started happening in the US about 25 years ago and now the same trend will be seen in emerging markets. Their space has been taken by advertising, communication, PR and digital.”

— Nick Colucci, President and CEO, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group

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